From the Archives (Vahen Gr’gut Tat Whitestone, Now Blue)

I have taken the blue. This you must know.

As a people, we are reptilian humanoids, with sharp teeth and claws. Although we cannot fly with our wings, we can glide or use them to give distance to our leaps. We are nearly 7 feet tall, more lithe than humans, but not so thin as the Elves. Our young, when hatched have smooth, untextured skin, but as they grow and we age it becomes rougher. Youth’s have fine patterns similar to fish scales. In adults, these patterns become deep and rougher, and the oldsters have these scales broken into a thousand small pebbles giving their skin the look of being heavily beaded with small, rough stone beads. We have no hair, but a few are born with small ridge crests, and if one eggs hatches thus, or if the parent has them, likely each egg will as well.

You know that there are three distinct lineages of our people. THe Whitestone, the Blackcrag and the Greytower. each of our lines knows the evil of the other two lines and whole families from oldster to egg have been destroyed in these feuds. I was of Whitestone, but I have now taken to the Sky clan and know that each of our lines has deeds to answer for. As a blue, a Blackcrag or Greytower may not attempt to rend me on sight, but, so to, may many of my line challenge me to tooth and claw.

We live in the Rookeries, each line to its own, but we all work to build. I am proud to say that the Whitestone created self-fires and the 6 barrel flintlock, even if the Greytowers claim the same. Also the Whitestone are nearing an engine that will harness fire and steam!

However, our blood is not hot like the other races, and if we are out off the suns warmth we must consume the vile CoreCoal to keep the blood from stilling.


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