From the Archives (Vahen Breehan Lightkeep)

We Dwarves are the proudest of races, but I will keep this document to the pure requirements of the Archives.

We hail from the lands around the Free City Steinstadt. Because of the dangers around our City and the Hochburgen we are the mightiest of warriors, working in stone and metal our arms and armor are unparalleled. Even the Gargoyles do not work steel as well, but some of what they can do with that steel leaves me amazed.

Our tallest are near 4 feet, where the shortest of adults are a shade under 3. We average 3’ 7" and both men and women weigh about 100 pounds of stout muscle and bone. Males have thick heavy facial hair, and we women are not so blessed, but I have been able to compare my mustache to some of the younger men!

We are not as fast as the tall races but the dimness of the lanterned tunnels and caves has given us excellent vision in the dark and dim. Our solid frames are much more resistant to damage than many others, but it comes with a significant drawback…no dwarf alive swims well. Although many of us have found need and learned to do so, we are not good at it.


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