Valere Belmon

a tower of a man clad in grays and shrouded by a black robe, contrasted by his silver hair and white mask.


A very tall person for his profession, but also ver thin, making him appear more of a looming shadow than a towering man, but also making him very frail but hard to hit. His gray buckled tunic, black holocaust cloak, porcelain half mask, and smiling face are well known around the poorer areas of Mantagna. His reputation with the gods of stealth and shadow do not deteriorate the trust people have in him, for they know Valere will only use his blessings for good…Although his short silver hair is rarely seen, it lies about his age. He really is not that old, but whether it’s due to the high stress of his job or the gaze of his gods, is even a mystery to him.


Valere Belmon

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