Eden Gunner


Eden’s signature identification is the dragon shaped birthmark which wraps around her left eye, and as such she wears a cloak with a deep hood when meeting clients. Gunner, the infamous bounty hunter, hides ‘his’ appearance viciously to avoid detection.
When not concerned with preserving her identity, Eden is sheathed in brown. Her hair is the deep green of a winter pine, though usually braided and hidden within her hood. She is not a cruel person, despite her profession, but prefers spending time away from other people, and can seem detached.


Abandoned on the side of a road as a baby and picked up by a band of gypsies, Eden finds it difficult to trust other people. She grew up travelling, and after discovering a proficiency for shooting and fighting, developed her reputation as a bounty hunter who will always get the job done.

Eden Gunner

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