Death's Red Eyes

Like Shattered Glass...

Valere Belmon

During my return to the troupes camp from my scouting of the wall, I had time to think to myself, time to revel in the Queens darkness. Something one does not get so often when traveling… or accompanied by probably the least graceful hero the elves could offer. The girl has talent, I can award her that but, pour l’amor, she got to the top of the wall and just stood there. She was tasked to accompany me, and despite my requests, she was sent with me. There was one upside to it, however. By using the gifts granted to me to help one in need, perhaps my Queen will grant me a reprise if I displease her. Anyway, on my walk back I found something. Nothing large, nor well visible. It was nothing more than an obstruction beneath the soul of my boot. I stepped back and stooped down to see what it was, but I couldn’t seem to find anything. So I ran my fingers along the ground and found it again. A perfectly round lump under the dirt. My curiosity peaked, rarely did stones come in such a perfect shape without work. The earth was stiff, but moist enough to be parted. It was a rather nice to have found something other than a simple stone. It was a clear glass marble, cracked horribly from what I could see. It took me several minutes to pry the poor trinket from its shallow grave. I was again pleasantly surprised to see that as I lifted it from the dirt was a string of beads that sadly had been severed at the edge of the cord. I held it up to get a better look at the downtrodden necklace and watched as the cracks in the orb glittered and danced as they caught my Queens light from the moon. Such a beauty I thought, a sight I had only seen once before but had not had the time to revel in the lonely glisten of the glass.

I was young… very young. Hardly a moon over twelve. Two years I had been on my own in Managna. The city was still new to me, and I needed money. I was so sure I was the greatest thief in all the world back then, managing to steal bread from a bakers oven, rings from peoples fingers, and even a pair of shoes from a drunken man who had passed out on the streets. I wanted a new challenge, something I had never done before… So I broke into Lord De’leone’s manor. The estate was not hard to get through unnoticed, and it wasn’t all that hard to get into the house either. However, I was not looking for just any trinket to fence… I wanted the Leone blade. A family heirloom passed through the generations of their family. I found it on the third floor of manor, posted in the jaws of a brass lion. I took my time, enjoying the fact that I, a petty homeless thief, was about to steal one of the most valuable items in Managna. I was wrong… I hadn’t even put the sword under my sack cloth cloak yet, and Lord De’Leone himself caught me. I had to run, but had nowhere to go. He approached me with every intent on killing me there, so I took the only way out I could see. Above the Lion statue was a round window, hardly wider than my shoulders now. Forgetting what floor I was on, I took a leap of faith. I broke through quite easily, and found myself plummeting surrounded by shards of glass. The moon was full that night, and the glass sparkled so beautifully in her light. That fall seemed to take several nights, and I knew my end was near. Luckily I landed in one of the estates many thick shrubberies. I took no time to begin running! I didn’t even realize that I had left the sword behind. I was lucky to live… but I hadn’t gotten to enjoy the beauty of the moon, captured in the simple flaws of glass. It’s interesting… The emotions that a simple bauble can conjurer in someone, isn’t it?


MasterGameMaster Wolfbane66

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